Polyester Polyol Grades and Their Different Applications

Polyester polyols, in their basic form, are typically made from mixtures of diols, triols and dibasic acids or anhydrides. Polyols come in various forms dependent on the end application. These forms can include liquids at room temperature, crystalline solids, waxy solids, and solvent cut. In order to formulate these desired properties, the polyols are created using a variety of acids and diols in a range of different molecular weights.

Common polyester polyols such as polycaprolactone, polyglycolide, and polylactide are often found in biodegradable polyurethanes. Widely known applications for polyester polyols include, but are not limited to, rigid and flexible foams, surface and fabric coatings, microcellular shoe systems, moisture cured PU, industrial coatings, inks and castable elastomers.

The table below illustrates Townsend Chemicals’ Polyester Polyol Grades and their Different Applications:

RE-POL 316/65Solvent cut, branched polyester that produces coatings with excellent weathering capabilitiesChemically resistant coatings
RE-POL 560Linear polyester polyol used to produce flexible coatings on its own or in combination with other RE-POL polyester polyolsFlexible coatings
RE-POL 640Slightly branched liquid polyester polyol for use in 2 PU coatingsTough PU coatings
RE-POL 650Branched polyester polyol, that is 100% solids and produces tough, chemically resistant coatings
Primers and topcoats
RE-POL 424For the manufacture of tough, oil resistant, flexible foamFlexible foam
RE-POL 9649DFor the manufacture of rigid foam with high mechanical propertiesSurfboard blanks
RE-POL 9210BFor the manufacture of PIR foam where a more flexible foam is requiredPIR foam/ Spray foam
RE-POL 98026For the manufacture of rigid foams with excellent insulation properties and flame resistancePIR foam
RE-POL 216Liquid at room temperature polyester polyol for the manufacture of polyurethane elastomers with high mechanical propertiesFlexible elastomers
RE-POL 470Soft, waxy, 2000mW polyester polyol for the manufacture of polyurethane elastomers with high mechanical propertiesCast elastomers
RE-POL 620/01Liquid at room temperature, for use in soft printing rollers 15-45 Shore APrinting rollers
RE-POL 98028Low viscosity, lightly branched polyester polyol for use in polyurethane elastomersCast elastomers

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