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    Company Address : Townsend Chemicals Pty Ltd. 114-126 Dandenong valley highway, Dandenong, Victoria 3175, Australia. Telephone:+61 3 9793 6000
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    Bond Strength, Coupling Agent, Extraction Resistance, Polyester Polyol, Reactivity, Shore, Hardness, Tack Time, Thermoplastic, Wear Resistance
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    Service excellence and quality products for the plastics industry. Here at Townsend Chemicals, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality intermediary and end products.
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    What if the grade I want is not available? Can Townsend Chemicals make to customer specifications? What is the solvent resistance of TPU? Can I only purchase products in large lot sizes?
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    Here at Townsend Chemicals we make grades for a whole range of exciting and diverse applications for the plastic manufacturer.
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    Townsend Chemicals is a wholly Australian owned company committed to offering the highest quality polymersfor any plastic application.