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RE-POL® Polyester Polyols

Tough, Flexible Durable Polyurethane Products

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Saturated, high molecular weight hydroxyl terminated polyester polyol for use as intermediates in the production of polyurethanes.

Available in a wide range of physical forms and molecular weights.


  • Flexible foams
  • Castable elastomers eg. printing rollers
  • Surface and fabric coatings
  • Microcellular shoe systems
  • Thermoplastic PU
  • Moisture cured PU
  • Inks
  • Industrial coatings

Grade Range

Polyols come in a number of forms such as liquids at room temperature, waxy solids, crystalline solids and solvent cut, depending on the end application. We make polyols that are linear for flexible coatings as well as highly branched grades that have excellent chemical resistance.

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