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RE-FLEX® Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Strong, Flexible, Durable, Moulded & Extruded Products

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Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is a thermoplastic elastomer used to produce plastic characterised by toughness, elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. TPU is a unique, durable versatile performer. It is lighter than metal, has excellent cold temperature flexibility, greater abrasion resistance than rubber, bonds easily to surfaces, and can also be used as a malleable engineering plastic or as a replacement for rubber or cast urethane.

RE-FLEX is Townsend Chemicals comprehensive, highly versatile range of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes grades. These linear polyurethanes are available in a wide hardness range. There are 2 main types of TPUs available to accommodate the various applications and environmental performance criteria. One type is based on a polyester polyol and performs where resistance to oil and grease is required. The other type is based on a polyether polyol and is suited to applications where humidity levels are constantly high.

  • Polyester TPU provides excellent rebound and toughness. Compatible with PVC.
  • Polyether TPU offers low temperature flexibility and is ideal for wet environments.

RE-FLEX TPU elastomers are made without using plasticisers and are therefore used as an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC without compromising flexibility.


  • Abrasion, chip, tear, and impact resistant.
  • Chemical, fuel, oil, grease and solvent resistance.
  • Tensile strength, tough.
  • High elasticity and elongation.
  • Hydrolysis stability.
  • Low temperature flexibility.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Transparency.
  • Anti-static.
  • Food contact.

Re-Flex TPU is highly versatile and can be easily processed in a variety of ways such as injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding equipment, vacuum forming, solution coating and compounding. Parts made from RE-FLEX can be welded, sterilized, printed, painted, laser marked, coloured, machined and die-cut.

Townsend's range of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes provide solutions for a wide range of manufacturing challenges and applications.


  • Tactile ground surface indicators
  • Automotive, mining, industrial wire and cable covering
  • Engine gaskets
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Temporary road markers
  • Components for flexible road posts
  • Pool cleaning components
  • Swimming goggles and fins
  • Inflatable rafts and pool toys
  • Shoe components and soles
  • Sporting goods
  • TPU coated fabrics
  • Cattle ear tags
  • Mining screens
  • Pneumatic hose
  • Magnetic media storage devices
  • Irrigation and hydraulics hose and sealers
  • Hosing and tubing for agricultural, automotive, mining, industrial and food industries.
  • Components for the transport industry
  • Wheels and castors
  • Horse shoes

Grade Range

There are over 20 grades available, many of which meet food contact standards. Ask us about our antistatic, food contact, flame retardant, and clear grades. All Re-Flex thermoplastic polyurethane grades can be recycled.

To speak to one of our RE-FLEX thermoplastic polyurethane experts, phone 1800 670 911 orcontact us via our online form.

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