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RE-ADD® Polyurethane Adhesive Range

Strong, Flexible Adhesives For Surfaces, Fabrics & Shoes

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The performance of polyurethane adhesives and coatings can be enhanced with the addition of polyurethane adducts.

Townsend’s RE-ADD urethane adducts are a comprehensive, versatile adhesive range used to improve polyurethane coatings, laminates and adhesives for both interior and exterior use. When dissolved in suitable solvents they produce solutions capable of acting as adhesives and surface coating systems. RE-ADD products enhance polyurethane adhesives by producing a protective barrier with exceptional bond strength to seal out dirt, rain and other natural components.

The high molecular weight of RE-ADD resins make it ideal for use in polyurethane coatings. Safe handling is easy as the polyurethane adducts do not contain any free isocyanate. When used in adhesives, the bonds are not only strong, but are also flexible unlike other resins which are brittle and break when parts are flexed.


The range of RE-ADD urethanes adducts for polyurethane adhesives provide the following attributes:

  • Good adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Superior bond strength
  • High heat resistance
  • Heat reactivated
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures
  • High versatility for both interior and exterior applications

Their properties can also be further improved by crosslinking with suitable isocyanates.

RE-ADD adducts are two main types of Polyurethane Adhesive Properties.

1.TDI-based adhesives: A two component adhesive which requires crosslinking with isocyanate. These are ideal for shoe manufacture and fabric lamination.

2.MDI based Adhesives: A one component adhesive which may not require crosslinking. These provide solution clarity, bond strength and tack time. MDI Adhesives are often used high performance sporting shoes.


This RE-ADD product range is suited to processes such as forming, designing and sealing. Townsend’s RE-ADD products have been used globally in a variety of applications.

  • Adhesives for footwear, textiles, packaging and automotive
  • Fabric coatings eg. tarpaulins, tents, protective clothing and groundsheets
  • Shoe adhesives
  • Shoe lacquers
  • Surface coatings
  • Magnetic tape binder
  • Paint compositions
  • Rubber Latex

Grade Range

The RE-ADD polyurethane adhesive range varies from soft slow crystallising grades to fast crystallising grades which provide immediate high green strength directly after application.

These high performance adhesive enhancers provide outstanding life expectancy, varying temperature capability, fast application and strong adhesion. Contact Townsend Chemicals to find out how they can improve your product.

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