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Ken React(Silane Alternative)

Superior Adhesion, Dispersion & Physical Properties

KEN-REACT is a registered trademark of Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc
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As one of Australia's leading plastic manufacturers, Townsend Chemicals is proud to be the agent for Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc. Ken-React titanate coupling agents.

Titante coupling agents provide a number of beneficial effects. Used in applications as diverse as adhesion promotion in acrylic resin to dispersion agents in epoxy resins, the number of potential uses is too vast to list.

In general, if there is a problem with a polymer or process, there is a Ken-React grade that can help. Townsend Chemicals has access to case studies that demonstrate how Ken-React titanate coupling agents can help, whether you are working with polypropylene, cast urethane or rubber, most polymers can be improved. If you are already using coupling agents, such as silanes, Ken-React offers an alternative and because of the low addition rates, Ken-React titanate coupling agents can offer significant cost savings as well as offering improved performance.

If you have a problem to solve with dispersion, cycle time, adhesion, physical properties, rheology, corrosion resistance or ageing, provide Townsend Chemicals with the details of your application and in consultation with Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc. we can suggest a Ken-React solution for you.

Please view the case study below and for more information contact our experienced polyurethane suppliers today.

Properties Silane treated milled 1/16" Glass fibres In situ treated 1/16" glass fibres Ken-React KR 41B @ 0.4% addition rate
Tensile Strength (psi) 5212 5566
Elongation (%) 21 23
Tear Strength (pi) 716 739
Izod Impact (inch/lb) 14 19.5
Hardness 80 Shore D 82 Shore D

Source: Ken-React Reference Manual Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc

Whatever your desired application, Townsend Chemicals is ready to serve you. Call our plastic manufacturers now for a free no obligation discussion of your needs.

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