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Carilon Aliphatic Polyketone

A High Performance Thermoplastic Polymer

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Townsend Chemicals supplies various grades of both natural and black Carilon suitable for a range of applications.We have the capability to deliver these thermoplastic polymers to any destination in the world.

Townsend Chemicals offers various compounds including glass fibre reinforcement. The low wear property ofCarilon means it is suited to gear applications and overall properties and low moisture take-up can enable it to solve particular problems associated with nylons and POM(acetal).


Carilon thermoplastic polymers are aliphatic polyketones (PK). The Carilon range of engineering thermoplastic polymers process quickly and easily and offer a superior range of properties.

  • Toughness – notched izod at room temperature of 220J/m
  • Chemical Resistance – resistance to hydrocarbon solvents, automotive fuels, greases, detergents and salt solutions
  • Friction and Wear Resistance – gears made with Carilon are long lasting and generate little noise.
  • Cycle Time – Carilon can provide improved cycle times over other polymers such as; PA66, POM, PET and PC


Carilon thermoplastic polymers exhibit superior resilience, snappability, good friction and low wear characteristics and good hydrolytic stability, and can be used for a number of applications. This includes:

  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Office equipment

Conventional injection moulding equipment is all that is required to process these remarkable polymers. Townsend Chemicals carries large stock holdings of Carilon; enabling fast and efficient supply to plastic manufacturers in the world

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