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Polyurethane Products For All Applications

For a tougher, abrasion resistant alternative to rubber and metal, we highly recommend polyurethane. At Townsend Chemicals, we specialise in supplying quality polyurethane raw materials and thermoplastic polyurethanes to ensure durability of your products.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of plastic products, including:

Leading Australian Polyurethane Manufacturer

By listening to the needs of our customers and keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations, we are able to develop intermediary and end products of the highest calibre. Regardless of whether you are a big or small company, we produce plastic products suitable for a variety of applications including polycols and flexible foam. We are focused on offering flexibility in customised product development, as our team of onsite chemists and technologists are capable of providing a tailored option that suits your business requirements.

RE-PLAS (Polymeric Plasticisers) can be used in products such as:

RE-POL (Polyester Polyols) can be used to manufacture:

RE-FLEX (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) can be used to produce:

RE-ADD (Urethane Adhesives) can produce products such as:

Ken-React (Titante Coupling Agents) provide a number of benefits:

Carilon (Thermoplastic Polymers) can be used for a number of applications, including:

We are small enough to care about every custom designed project that comes our way, yet large enough to offer fully scalable solutions to satisfy the largest plastic manufacturer´┐Żs requirements.

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