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Polyurethane Coating and PU Systems Applications

As Australia's leading polyurethane supplier, we know that superior polyurethane raw materials are vital to long-lasting coatings. Thus, we want to make our range of products work for you - by increasing your productivity, improving sustainability and ensuring reliability. Our chemists and technicians follow strict quality control measures to produce consistent and reliable grades of polyester polyols, polymeric plasticisers, urethane adducts and thermoplastic polyurethanes for our clients. Speak to one of our experts to discuss a tailored solution that meets your requirements.


Do you require a coating that is tough, flexible and resists environmental degradation? Polyurethane coatings made from RE-POL polyester polyols exhibit these properties, being suitable for a wide range of substrates including metal, plastic and timber. Either formulated as a single or two-pack coating, RE-POL is used to coat furniture, kitchen cabinets, automobiles, boats, tanks, buildings and more.

Do you have an existing coating that works well but is too brittle? You may have tried a range of additives to improve the flexibility without much success. RE-PLAS polymeric plasticisers may be the solution for you. These high molecular weight plasticisers provide a flexibility and permanence to coatings not often seen in most plasticisers. To ensure that the coating stays flexible for a long period of time, it is resistant to extraction by oils and other chemicals.

Polyurethane Systems (PU Systems)

Polyurethane is a versatile material that is based on a polyol reaction with isocyanate. Townsend Chemicals produces polyester polyols that can be either used in a pre-polymer system or in a one-shot process. Either way, the resultant product will be polyurethane tough. With a number of grades to choose from, let us know your application and we will recommend the RE-POL polyester polyol that best suits your needs.

Polyurethane Foams

RE-POL polyester polyol can be used to make both rigid and flexible foam. If you are looking for a foam with excellent physical properties that needs resistance to oils and greases, then a flexible foam based on our RE-POL polyester polyol should be considered. If it is a rigid foam that you are looking for, then Townsend Chemicals has grades with excellent flame properties. Our polyol is manufactured within a tight viscosity specification to ensure consistent processing. We can also supply polyester polyol for surfboard foam. Our RE-POL polyester polyol provides a foam that has a snappy feel and is easy to shape. We also provide customisation to meet your exact requirements.

PVC Compounding

RE-PLAS polymeric plasticisers are high molecular weight plasticisers and therefore provide good performance characteristics when compounded into PVC. Unlike phthalate plasticisers, most RE-PLAS polymeric plasticiser grades are suitable for food contact applications such as food wrap and petrol hose, making them flexible and safe to handle. They have good compatibility with PVC resin, making compounding straight forward. Other grades are used in specialised coatings where heat resistance is required.

Extrusion of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Sheeting, tubing, hosing, ducting and profiles can all be extruded from RE-FLEX thermoplastic polyurethane. However, it is not a case of one size fits all, as an understanding of the processing requirements will determine the specific grade of RE-FLEX thermoplastic polyurethane to be used. All the RE-FLEX thermoplastic polyurethane grades that we offer are tough, easy to process and provide a smooth finish. While we ensure that processing is made as easy as possible, and that the physical properties of the product are as required. After all, thermoplastic polyurethane is selected by customers because it provides product performance that other plastics cannot match.

Injection Moulding of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Talk to an engineer and he will tell you he wants the best tensile properties and the best wear-resistance you can offer. Talk to an injection moulder and he will say he wants a thermoplastic polyurethane grade that cycles quickly and releases easily from the mould. These two different requirements are not mutually exclusive and at Townsend Chemicals we have developed our injection moulding grades to process easily, whilst high physical properties are maintained.