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Bond Strength

Definition : This is a measurement of the adhesive strength between 2 substrates.


Coupling Agent

Definition : A coupling agent acts as an interface between two components, often a resin and filler, to improve the bond between the components.


Extraction Resistance

Definition : The extraction resistance is the measure of how easily a plasticiser can be separated from the host compound. The higher the extraction resistance the more flexible the compound will remain.


Polyester Polyol

Definition : Polyester that is hydroxyl terminated.



Definition : This is a measurement of the rate at which a chemical reaction takes place between two chemicals.


Shore Hardness

Definition : The Shore Hardness is the resistance of a material to a force applied through an indenter. For hard TPU, Shore D is measured and the indenter is sharp. For softer TPU, Shore A is measured and the indenter is rounded.


Tack Time

Definition : This is a measurement for the time which an adhesive will remain tacky.


Definition : A thermoplastic material is one that can be re-shaped using heat and therefore the material can be recycled into the same product or another product.


Wear Resistance

Definition : Abrasion or wear resistance measures how well a material lasts when contacted by an abrasive sheet.