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About Australia's Leading Polyurethane Supplier

Townsend Chemicals has been supplying and developing resins and plastic raw materials for over 40 years. Established in 1974, Townsend’s laboratories developed a broad range of high performance polymers to replace and improve existing products

The company expanded in the 1980’s providing adhesive raw materials to the emerging footwear industry in Asia. Other key industries such as agriculture, consumer products, textiles and mining were also being supplied, with superior product performance a key to growth. Today, the raw materials we provide are manufactured into a diverse group of products including; leisure equipment, road, automotive, mining, rail, camping equipment, packaging, belts, ducting, safety equipment, heavy duty coatings, seating, coated fabrics to name a few applications.

From these innovative beginnings, Townsend’s commitment to superior quality solutions and a test and learn ethos evolved. As one of Australia’s leading plastics manufacturers, we have gained a reputation for excellence, custom designs and customer responsiveness.

Townsend Chemicals is 100% Australian owned by Mirlex Australia and has a network of global agents. We are proud to partner with customers and research institutions to continue developing technologies and products to support local and global industries. Ours is a team approach, where all aspects of the business from R & D to production to sales work together to provide innovation, excellence and problem solving. By using this approach, we can produce high-functioning polymers to meet the needs of your product or business.

Innovation and Service Excellence

Our service excellence and high quality products, from thermoplastic polyurethane, PVC compounds have made us the market leading polyurethane suppliers for more than three decades.

From a single custom design of a one-off order to full scale production and supply of a major plastics manufacturing project, Townsend Chemicals can handle any order size and is with you every step of the way to ensure your project or industrial process is successful. Our best practices encompass technological innovation in plastic manufacturing, service excellence, attention to detail and continual improvements in quality, productivity and design.

Tailor Made Products

Developing tailor made products and the ability to provide grades on short lead times to meet customer demands is a strength of Townsend Chemicals. Our technical and sales staff will work with you to find a solution for your specific application. It is not only important to develop a product that has the required properties, but the product must also be processed easily and consistently.

Industry Leaders

Our experience, commitment to research, custom solutions and improving manufacturing processes and technology has enabled us to become Australia’s leading Polyurethane supplier. Whether you are a polyurethane manufacturer, product designer or developer, we produce and supply quality intermediary and end plastic products to ensure that your products are of the highest quality. Bring your idea, product, or production challenge to us and we will create a solution. Contact us today and speak to the experts in all things plastic.

For further information, phone 03 9793 6000 or enquire online.